Making a List, Checklng It Twice

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Making a List, Checking it Twice

If you have not started your gift wishlist for the season, let me help you get started by mentioning one of the top trends in home improvements -SMART HOME UPGRADE.

To get you started you will need a central HUB system that can control all of your devices.  You can buy a bundle system or buy everything separately.  I will start simple with each component and build your system to get started if you are not 100% sure which system will work best for you.

Let's start with a Voice Assistant.  There are many starting to pop up out there but your main go-tos are

Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant (GA)
Apple Siri

Your choice - but I use Alexa and GA most often since I have an android platform on my mobile device and Alexa throughout my home.

Now the next smart device that will save you money is the Smart Thermostat.  There are hundreds out there but be careful that you pick one that works with your systems throughout the home.  It's nothing like telling your assistant to turn on the A/C and it does not support your thermostat or turns on the heat instead! Just a few popular ones out there are the

Google Nest

As more people take control of home security surveillance, the video doorbell is an added component to the smart home movement.  Check out these three solutions. Setup is easy but for added security you can customize the IP address and other settings to gain further security from hackers.  

Google Nest
Amazon Ring
SimpliSafe doorbell

My favorite smart home enhancements are the switches and light bulbs. Phillips, WYZE, GE, and Sylvania all have solutions that allow you to turn your lights on in advance of you getting home or even when you're away.  You can also set 'mood' lighting. These are a must have for me and they save you a ton of energy yearly.

To finish off your list, you can upgrade some components of your home simply by installing a smart plug. These are budget friendly and can jumpstart your move to a smarter home in minutes! My favorite is the Amazon Smart Plug but feel free to check out the Belkin Wemo and Leviton smart plugs.  They are just as good.